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On the Record Music is a music podcast for those who just fucking love music. We’re rockstars, music listeners, concert go-ers, festival attendees and all around guys. We do this podcast because music is what connects us.

Our mission is to get the most out of music. We believe music can make the world more sane, connected, care free and inspired, and our plan is to squeeze every last drop out of music to make it happen. We do this by simply by talking about music; about what we love, what interests us, and what gets us hyped. When we do this we will create a more fuckin' rocking world.


We (Ringer and the J-Man) first met in 2013 on our first day of work at the same company in Minneapolis, Minnesota and quickly bonded over music while working through the awkward get to know ya small talk. Since then we’ve seen dozens of concerts together, talked endless hours of music and even jammed on a few occasions. 


In the fall of 2018 Ben left Minneapolis and moved to Chicago. It wasn’t long after that that we started talking about doing a music podcast to keep the romance alive. Now we talk all things music from album reviews to specific topics to and the occasional podcast interview. 

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Ben Ringhofer
aka Ringer

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On The Record Music Co-Host, the J-Man

Jesse Draeger
aka the J-Man

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Ben is navigating his way through the Chicago music scene as a guitar player. In Minneapolis he co-founded and played with Dogs & Liars and also played lead guitar for hard rock band, Vangaard. In Chicago, he quickly found a new group, The Knox, which has released their first single "Time" on Spotify. He's currently working on a debut solo album.


Favorite Band (All Time)
Rage Against The Machine

Favorite Band (Current)
Rival Sons

A music fan's music fan, Jesse knows at least a little bit about every band in existence. Try to tell him something you think he might not know and he'll tell you more about it. Jesse has experience not only as a songwriter but also a producer and manager, working with The Damn Shambles in Minneapolis.



Favorite Band (All Time)
The Beatles

Favorite Band (Current)