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Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight [Album Review]

The Foo Fighter's have finally released their long anticipated follow up to Concrete and Gold with Medicine at Midnight: released February 2021. In this episode, Ringer and J Man go through each track (with music for your reference), highlighting the highlights and calling out some low points; following the review by giving their 6-string rating. They also discuss the history of the Foo Fighters, their personal history with the band and review the album artwork.

In "This Week in Music" the duo discusses if this is really the end of Daft Punk and J Man shares a couple new artists he's been digging, including a former band of Dave Grohl's NOT named Nirvana.

This is an album with some hits and a couple misses. None of the songs are bad per se but a few of the songs just sound a touch generic. There are some cool songs like Holding Poison and Making a Fire and the band continues to experiment with sounds and we hope they continue to explore as they approach the next album.

Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters album rating (out of 6 strings)

J-Man: 3#/Strings

Ringer: 3#/6 Strings

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Album cover of Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters