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Tame Impala - The Slow Rush [Album Review]

After much anticipation the new Tame Impala record is finally here, so naturally Ben and Jesse are busting out their surgical like analytical style and going through this song track by track.

This album explores the concept of time and pulls in some new sounds for Kevin Parker and Tame Impala. The mixing and production is phenomenal as expect from Kevin Parker and the focus on rhythm and drums clearly paid off as this album will have you grooving from start to finish.

At times, the album sounds sonically similar to Currents when we hoped for a little more to differentiate the two albums.

The Slow Rush by Tame Impala Album Rating (Out of 6 Strings)

J-Man: 4#/6 Strings

Ringer: 4#/6 Strings

In this episode you will hear each song discussed, a 6 string rating (we don't do stars because this is a music podcast), as well as a little personal history with the band.

This week we are excited to announce we will be bringing our show to Bonnaroo 2020! More details to come!

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Album Cover of The Slow Rush by Tame Impala